What is Fast Casual? Which brands are succeeding in this segment and why? Find out the secrets of the trend that is taking over the world, starting from Starbucks.

Waiting for Starbucks is the first Italian study about the phenomenon of Fast Casual. Inspired by the success of the famous american chain of caffetterias, the essay is an in-depth study of successful business models of Italian and foreign brands. The text aims to be a point of reference for who is in charge of strategy and marketing in those italian companies in the restaurant industry willing to win the international market. The English version of Waiting for Starbucks will be available very soon and it will be dedicated to those international realities willing to gain the trust of the most demanding client in the world: the Italian client.

The Italian version of Waiting for Starbucks (Aspettando Starbucks) is now available for free both in its e-book and .pdf version (please, click here) on News & Customer Experience, the first italian web magazine rich of information and examples on Customer Experience and its best practices. The study will be regularly updated in order to offer a more and more actual and in-depth vision of the Fast Casual segment. It is possible to book the English version in advance writing an email to press@newsandcustomerexperience.it.

Fast Casual: a global trend to know

What is Fast Casual? It is a global trend that is revolutionizing the restaurant industry. Of course, Starbucks is an eminent example, but, starting from the great success of this chain, lots of interesting examples are taken into considerations. The strenght of this phenomenon lies on its capacity to meet the needs of the modern urban consumer who demands speed, quality and innovation at the same time turning to “super specialized” brands to live a persuasive Customer Experience. Even fashion brands are broadening their offer to casual catering in order to design a more complete experience for their clients.

Through a precise market and customers analysis, Waiting for Starbucks looks into the themes related to Customer Experience applying them to the restaurant industry and underlining the promises the brands need to keep in order to meet the needs of consumers in the Age of the Client.

The authors

Waiting for Starbucks is the result of researches carried out with passion by Gabriele Mancosu and Mario Sala. The outcome is a book rich in details and data acquired in years of study in Italy and abroad.

Gabriele Mancous is manager consultant at Praxis Management and News & Customer Experience. From 2012 he deals in particular with the analysis of the client in the Fast Casual segment and with the Customer Experience best practices in the restaurant industry. He is expert in touchpoint mapping and organises the researches on the customers and the calculation of the Net Promoter Score for different prestigious italian brands in the industry (click here to get in touch with Gabriele).

Mario Sala is partner of Praxis Management, a consultancy company in Milano that has been dealing for more than 20 years with the retail of the best brands in the food, fashion and design area. Sala is also the founder of Italian Customer Intelligence, a reality that along with international partners, supports companies in the design of an ultimate Customer Experience not only in Italy but also abroad. In 2014 he founded News & Customer Experience, a website gathering the best practices and important examples of B2B and B2C Customer Experience which will be all collected in a forthcoming publication (click here to get in touch with Mario).

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