The energetic Solferino Street in Milan gave birth to PISACCO, a bistrot that combines together Italian cuisine with art, innovation and essentiality.

We went to “test” the quality of the Customer Experience offered in the delicate stage of the reception of the client and we were pleasantly surprised! Even without shop signs, it’s impossible not to notice the large shop windows through which you can take a look to the internal part of the store; thus, the staff can always monitor the entry of clients and welcome them without any further waiting time at the side of the door.

So it was for us. As we approached the entrance of the restaurant, immediately a nice guy met us, smiling and greeting cordially.

Smile and greeting. Two characteristics usually taken for granted but necessary to offer a customer experience that exceeds client’s expectations, an experience that usually starts from the reception phase. Specifically, this moment generates the first impression of the client and his favorable or not favorable predisposition towards the experience he is going to live. This first impression is fundamental to exceed, match or betray his expectations.

However, the great reception phase of Picasso is not completed at the entrance: as we stepped in the store, the nice guy, who welcomed us, showed us to the table. Few minutes later, he brought us cutlery, napkins. After he kindly introduced us to the menu, he gave us some minutes to decide.

At Pisacco, the attention for the client is at the heart of all activities. Particularly, the staff delicately never lose sight of the customer: thanks to the mirrors positioned around employees’ position, waiters are able to monitor all activities in the facility even if back turned. Thus, they are ready to satisfy all customers’ needs or simply smile politely to their clients.

Approaches like this one, centered on the client, enable a restaurant to offer a superior customer experience that exceeds clients’ expectations. Indeed, only when you are able to exceed customer’s expectations, the client becomes a promoter: a genuine and proper fan who, promoting the restaurant to friends and colleagues, ensures to the store loyalty and positive word of mouth. Many studies have demonstrated empirically the positive relationship between promoters and high repurchase ratio, high average expenditure and investment attraction on your brand.

The Net Promoter Score is the international index that quantifies and recognizes the positive word of mouth of a brand, our impression is that Pisacco might account for a NPS above the average of the industry.

The client who is a promoter is very demanding and his expectations need to be satisfied and exceeded each time, from the reception phase. And Pisacco knows this very well. No queues at the entrance, follow through at the table and quality of service. Details such as gallantly pour water in the glass, smile sincerely, explain with helpfulness and passion the daily menu, offer snacks while waiting for the course ordered (waiting time around 5 minutes in our case), explain why for Pisacco it’s necessary that everything that is correlated to the brand, so even the reception phase and the service at the table, needs to be up to the quality of the product offered. Only then the customer is encouraged to come back to the store and promote the brand, becoming, above all, the protagonist of corporate communication.

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